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Get a singing lesson from Music MasterWorks singing software!

Vocal lessons couldn't be easier - just let Music MasterWorks singing software be your vocal coach. Start Music MasterWorks, load in a MIDI file, select the notes you'd like to sing (by left-clicking with the mouse and dragging over the notes, or by pressing shift and using the arrow keys), and hit the 'Check your singing' button in the lower right corner: Singing Lesson Analysis Software Program

A screen will appear that will show the general range of notes that you've selected for your singing lesson, in relation to piano keys. The notes you selected appear as blue bars for the vocal lesson. Now, start singing into your pc microphone. A graph (shown as the green line) will start to appear of the pitch you are singing (shown in relation to notes). At the end, this singing program will show another screen telling you how close your singing came to the actual notes. Training your voice has never been easier!

You may need to transpose the section of music to fit into your voice range. You can do that in Music MasterWorks by selecting 'Edit'-'Transpose' then you can enter the direction (up or down) and number of octaves and/or half steps to move the selection.

Get a singing lesson whenever you want with Music MasterWorks!
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You can purchase Music Masterworks software, which includes this singing/vocal lesson module, on this order page.

If you want to try out this singing software first, you can download this free 30 day trial version by clicking here.