Music Masterworks

Music Masterworks singing voice-to-note detection music composing software

Music Software Company

Aspire has been producing music composition and educational software since 2001. We are committed to producing easy to use, high quality software for both beginners and musicians. Our products are created not to mirror other products, but to create a unique and technologically advanced interface to make our customers' lives easier. We value the feedback we get from our users and employ it to improve our products.

Aspire has users from over 70 countries around the world. This is partly due to our simple and intuitive interfaces that help transcend language boundaries.

We also have sold to many schools that use our products to supplement their music program. Music is an important part of a child's education and can help them in other areas*. Experimenting with music and composing on the computer is a great way to develop a child's creativity (and a great alternative to TV and video games!).

We hope you'll try out our products and give us feedback, sincerely,

Joseph Heimiller, owner of Aspire Software.

* - Most scientific studies support the claim that academic achievement and various test scores are improved when students receive training in music. Here are some research references on this subject:

The review linked below shows most scientific studies show improvements in academic performance when students participate in music education (14 of the 16 articles mentioned in the first section showed improvement in other academic areas and/or test scores):

Schellenberg EG. "Music lessons enhance IQ". Psychol Sci. 2004 Aug;15(8):511-4.