Music Masterworks

Music Masterworks singing voice-to-note detection music composing software

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Cool Tool Awards review:

'It's simply amazing. All with a drag and drop, clickable interface. I know nothing about music, but soon I was writing complex musical scores...'

About the voice to note feature:

'If you have a sound card with headphones and microphone hooked up to your system, you can actually hum a tune, record it, have the system write the sheet music for it, and play it back.'

GIFTED CHILD TODAY review (Spring 2003):

'A more impressive feature of MasterWorks is the "Voice to MIDI Notes"... The process is as simple as pulling down a menu and singing into a microphone connected to the computer.'

'MasterWorks has something to offer both beginning and advanced students.'

'Gifted and talented education is about identifying students' strengths and interests and providing educational opportunities to develop and explore them. MasterWorks and other computer software that begins with a blank screen can advance that mission.'

- For Music Masterworks and In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner

RocketDownload.Com review:

highest rating!

"Music Masterworks is one of the best music and composition programs that we have seen in a while and will certainly bring out the best of your musical talents and make them shine! "

- Highest rating for both Music MasterWorks and In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner.

- 5 Stars for Music Masterworks.

- User awards for Music Masterworks and In-Tune Tuner

- Excellence awards for Music Masterworks

Review from Shareware Junkies by 'The King':

"Here is a music composition program that allows your inspirations to come to reality."


User Friendly


Ease of Installation


- 5 Stars for In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner.

- 5 Star rating for Music MasterWorks and In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner.

User testimonials

"Thank you so much for try before buy policy. I tried it for 10 minutes before knowing I had to have it!"

"Nice product at a nice price - I downloaded it tonight and it was easy to use, and saves real MIDI files."

"Great product. My Dad was impressed and he doesn't care much for computers."

"I've used this app for two days now, and I LOVE IT!!!"

"Thanks for creating a great program and living up to your promises - I used to be MUCH more diligent about shareware issues, but got hosed by so many authors I've become rather disillusioned. We need more like you!"