Music Masterworks

Music Masterworks singing voice-to-note detection music composing software

Wave (.WAV) to MIDI converter / voice-to-note feature of Music MasterWorks:

The voice-to-note feature of Music MasterWorks allows you to compose music by singing the notes into a microphone (or by using a '.WAV' file you've already recorded). Just sing/hum/whistle the tune into a microphone and the pitch and duration of the notes you are singing is calculated and converted into MIDI music.

To do this with Music MasterWorks:

  1. Click on this button: Wave to MIDI converter button
  2. Start Singing! You will see a tuning window that shows a pitch graph. If you have a very low or very high voice, you may need to adjust the pitch by selecting a piano key or by adjusting the note range. If you have a slow computer, reduce the note range to make it go faster.
  3. Hit 'Done' when finished.
  4. The resulting notes will be inserted into your composition.

Music Masterworks can also perform the reverse: turning MIDI files into WAV files. Just select the 'Play/Record'-'Record Song to Wave File' menu item.

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