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Aspire is committed to creating the highest quality software possible.

Get the latest if you are having problems (this trial version requires an unlock code):
Click here to download Music MasterWorks v3.94 full version free of charge

Loading the latest software drivers for your hardware fixes most problems.
If you are having trouble finding updated drivers, please e-mail us or try Windows Update or better
yet, search on your sound card manufacturer's website for the latest drivers
(often, Windows Update does not have the latest driver versions).
If you are still having problems after upgrading your software drivers, please file a problem report.

You may need the latest version of Microsoft DirectX:

Click here for the help file / user manual in PDF format (you may find it easier to search and print).

Enhancements and fixes in the latest versions:
- Put in changes for Windows Vista compatibility (including a fix in v3.94 for a Vista-specific
problem that caused frequent crashes while playing).
*note: You may experience an unacceptable MIDI echo latency with certain USB MIDI cable brands on Windows Vista right now.
To avoid this problem you can select 'No MIDI Echo' off the 'Device'-'MIDI Recording Echo' sub-menu (and turn up the volume
on your digital piano/keyboard to hear the notes).

- Now can convert MIDI songs to WAV file format (which can be burned to a CD).
Use 'Play/Record'-'Record Song to Wave File' menu.
This requires hardware support: 'What U Hear' or 'Stereo/Mono Mix' output option.
- v3.92 now supports note color in Staff view based on various things: pitch, volume, consonance.
- Now has auto-calibration feature for voice-to-note (some cheaper sound systems require this
because they do not record at the correct speed).
- Fixes saving bug where MIDI files would load in M.M. but not in other programs (v3.85 bug).
- Added ability to display lyrics in singing analysis.

Click here for Language Translation; traducción del lenguaje; traduction de langage;
Sprachübersetzung; traduzione di linguaggio, tradução da língua.

Click here for support for In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner.

Submit a Problem Report

Common Problems & Solutions:

- If your install download is corrupt: It has been reported that some servers and ISPs that cache files will occassionally cause corrupted downloads. If you're having problems, contact us by e-mail and we'll send you back the download (assuming your e-mail account has a high enough size limit).

- If you are not getting any sound or very low sound when playing:

- Check the 'Device'-'MIDI Output' sub-menu. Try different options on this menu until one works. The 'MPU-401' or 'MIDI out' or 'USB MIDI' is the external MIDI port, you'll need to have an external MIDI keyboard hooked up properly with a MIDI cable/adapter for it to play.

- Select 'Device'-'Playback Volume' and check for the 'MIDI Synth' (or something similar) volume. Make sure it is turned up and not muted. Also make sure the main volume is turned up and not muted.

- On advanced soundcards that have more than 2-speaker options, check your sound card's speaker settings. You may have 5.1 speaker setup selected, but only 2 speakers connected. This can cause the MIDI to sound very faint. If you've installed the software that came with your sound card, you may have a 'Speaker Connection Wizard' or something similar. Make sure your speakers match what's selected!

- Poor sound quality: MIDI playing uses the device selected on the 'Device'-'MIDI Output' menu. The quality of the sound depends on the quality of your sound card's MIDI system. Try all them to see which gives the best sound. Microsoft includes a software synthesizer that standardizes sound across PCs called 'Microsoft GS Wavetable SW synth' - this option will sound good on all PCs, however because it's a software synthesizer it may have a slight time delay during playback (which can cause synchronization problems).

- MIDI note recording is done from all available input devices at once (the default on your 'Devices'-'MIDI Input' menu item), so there is nothing to set up. If you are having problems you should check that your MIDI cable is plugged in correctly and upgrade your sound card's software driver. You can also try different options on your 'Devices'-'MIDI Input' sub-menu, if you have more than one choice, to see if a certain device is causing the problem.

- If you are having trouble placing notes at the correct intervals, you may not have the snap-to resolution set correctly. Select 'Options'-'Snap-To Resolution' and select the appropriate lowest time interval you'll need. For triplets, you can select 'twelfth' or 'twenty-fourth'.
The vertical dashed lines are based on the snap-to resolution to help you place notes. You can overlap notes in time, so be careful of the placement (overlapped notes often cause confusion about why rests show up in unexpected places).

- If you are having problems with the instrument sounds getting 'mixed up' or controllers/pedals not working correctly, put each track/instrument on it's own channel. This will ensure that they don't interfere with one another. Select 'Song'-'Track Properties' from the menu to change this.

- If you are having trouble with an M-Audio MidiSport Uno device, please read this post relating to the quality of this device:

- If you are getting a font error on installation or on running Music MasterWorks:
run Music Masterworks to see if the staff displays correctly - if it does there is nothing to worry about. If it does not display correctly, try rebooting your computer and run the installation again. If you are still having problems you may have a corrupted Windows registry.

- If you are having trouble recording wave audio, voice-to-note, or using In-Tune Tuner click here for audio troubleshooting tips.

How To:

Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer, so you can record or play.

Learn more about MIDI keyboards / pianos / controllers.

Use the voice to note feature for easy composing.

Embed MIDI files into a web page.

Click here to see the list of bug fixes and changes in versions of Music MasterWorks.